Thursday, February 11, 2010


mortadella is an emulsified sausage, essentially bologna, the city of origin, in emelia-romagna, made by grinding meat into a paste, and emulsifying fat, also garnished with diced pork fat! we serve the mortadella as one of our meats @ $4, garnished with toasted pistachios and green olives. we use fresh hams for mortadella and shoulders for salami, due to the fat distribution of each. lean meat and fat are ground separately, the lean meat is then pureed in the food processor. fat, ice, and dry milk are slowly added. we make 12 -14 pounds at a time, in small batches, then stuff the sausage into a large beef casing and poach @ 65 c .


  1. isn't mortadella also known as kennel cough?

  2. I'm waiting for you guys to get hardcore and make it out of horse like they do in Italy and Argentina :)

    Cheers! Joe @suburbanwino