Sunday, February 28, 2010

fun with extracts

i'll be honest, we've been cheating a little bit, but damn we're having a good time! we've been using a lot of natural extracts when cooking meat sous vide. the first inspiration was the caramelized chicken thigh terrine we featured at the wine conclave. made by using caramel oil to coat chicken thighs, since then other successful expirements include: duck breast cooked with bitter orange extract, @ 50c for two hours, the rabbit bacon, previously mentioned in the whole animal post, we salted the bellies for twelve hours, then misted the rinsed meat with mesquite oil and transglutaminase, then stacked one on another to form a slab, then cooked for another twelve hours @ 67c. the featured photo is another flavor of the chicken thigh terrine. this time using pine oil, again transglutaminase is sprinkled on the thighs, formed into a terrine mold, and cooked @ 62c for six hours, we then seared the slices of the terrine, and paired the crispy thigh with a ragout of pine braised pine nuts, and the first morels of the season!


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  2. Bound to get some spam at some point. I'd delete it.

    Looking good John.

    Started this years compost bin, and putting a big garden in the back.

  3. Drool...drool...

    So I watched Food, Inc. this weekend and have subsequently instituted a "free-range, grass-fed" ONLY rule at home. I love the locavore, au naturel style that Hogballs & Mountain dew espouses. Over spring break, we're building the backyard garden. So looking forward to an abundance of veggies and herbs.

  4. ah, spam comments. You've made it, guys!

    can't wait to get up there again and eat