Wednesday, January 6, 2010

new year's eve dinner

the pass
overly ambitious

chicken liver mousse
we cured the livers overnight in salt, sugar, tcm, and aromatics, then passed through a tammis and poached @65 for an hour. then whipped with butter. really nice!

arugula and pea shoots
the pea shoots came from our garden, the last of the year. tossed with arugula, white truffle vinaigrette, finished with quince, manchego, and oregon white truffles, which were nice for the $$$

black cod
the cod was beautiful from the coast of washington state, c/o foods in season. garnished with braised cucumber, boiled peanuts, lobster emulsion, and hackleback


  1. Wish I could of had some of that liver. Might have to run down to Church's and pick me up a box of fried livers, after seeing that.

    Glad the dinner went well.

  2. awesome. looking forward to my visit at the end of January.