Friday, January 29, 2010

valentine's day weekend 2/13-2/14

1st course:
cauliflower soup
almond, white chocolate

arugula salad
butternut squash, pork belly, sherry vinaigrette

lamb sweet breads
watermelon radish, smoked apple, mitake mushroom

2nd course:
beef confit
cipollini onion, creamed leeks, pickled pearl onions, lobster jus

sunburst farms trout
sea island red peas, baby carrot, young mustard

berkshire pork shank
carolina gold rice grits, brussels sprout leaves, huckleberry

3rd course:
butternut squash cup custard
maple gelee, oat crumble, buttermilk

apple & whiskey fried pie
ice cream,caramel


  1. STB I'd like to get ahold of one of those pies.

  2. Discovered your blog through the Monteluce site.

    I can vouch for the awesome-ness of that apple pie - my wife and I dined at Le Vigne on Valentine's night and the apple, the apple pie - the crust reminded us, in taste, of a funnel cake in a way, which is a huge compliment in my book (I mean, honestly - who wouldn't want to dig in to that?).

    We had a fantastic dinner - our first time dining at the restaurant, other than a few small items to accompany the wine tastngs we've done. We both particularly loved our first courses (cauliflower & white chocolate soup and the pea shoot & arugula salad - both terrific) and the pork shank - extremely tender & moist, you should make that a staple on the menu!

    One quick question - do you know the name of the Italian wine that was paired with the apple pie? That glass of wine was the perfect compliment to a dessert - a great ending to the meal.

    Great food & atmosphere - we'll be back!